Download and install all the programs you want

Reinstalled the system? No need to look for anything - all the necessary software is assembled in one place.

AppWizard will install the programs you choose, like a magician.

Nothing unnecessary: a simple interface, an informative and brief description of each program, a simple and quick directory search.

DOWNLOADsoftware installation in a few clicks Optional software is inside
  • Free
  • Safe
  • Portable

Advantages of the installer

Catalog of free software

Our catalog contains the top free programs of each topic, which are often better than their paid counterparts. The database of software is updated daily!

Time saving

Minimum dialog boxes, settings, and reboot requests. Batch mode allows you to install multiple programs in one session.

Safety software sources

Only official software distributions that are tested and regularly checked by antivirus software.

For Windows pc

Fast and stable operation on all current versions of Windows: 7 and later; x32/x64. Light weight distribution. It is possible to work without installing it on a computer.

more than 400 programs for Windows

in one installer

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